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Re: Questions about the program

Post by aruffo » Sat Jun 23, 2018 8:02 pm

There are four games in the Ear Training Companion: Absolute Pitch Avenue, Absolute Pitch Painter, Interval Loader, and Chordhopper.

Absolute Pitch Avenue and Chordhopper will improve your ability to detect individual pitches in musical sounds. Unfortunately, as the success of these games made me discover, once you are able to discriminate the pitches, you still need to be able to categorize them if you want to have absolute pitch. That's what Absolute Pitch Painter is for-- for categorical identification-- but it hasn't yet shown firm results.

Interval Loader teaches you to identify intervals.

Unfortunately, still, to date, no program or course has successfully taught absolute pitch to adults. The best we can do, so far, still, is learn to name notes. The folks at University of Chicago have recently demonstrated that people with greater working-memory capacity are better able to learn to name notes-- and this is worth knowing-- but a) this is still just note-naming and not "absolute pitch" in the true sense of the word and b) even if it were, not everyone has high working memory capacity.

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