Permenant Chroma Recognition

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Permenant Chroma Recognition

Post by cjhealey » Tue Jun 26, 2007 9:03 am

Basically i am wondering after how many wave / at what class level you stopped needing melody words etc and the Chroma became a seemingly permenant mental object like word.

After how long (in terms of waves and rank) until could you jump straight into the game with no melody word and identify the C?

How long (in terms of waves and rank) before you could identify a 'C' when played by a real instrument?

How long before you could sing the note pitch-perfect on command?


Just wondering. I have really only been doing the program diligently for 8-9 days and am up to Major 2nd Class which i think is pretty good progress. I don't expect any real permanent results for a while but i just thought i'd ask.
At the moment i am identifying what i believe to be the Chroma quite accuratley (have some problems with C#) but it seems to take my ear a few minutes to really lock on to the chroma to begin with. And then there is one other note that sounds quite different to a C yet for some reason it 'feels' like a C even though it isn't.
Anyway, i'm getting there steadily which is the main thing :-)

The biggest problem i think we face is having the patience to make up years worth of practice listening and descriminating chroma. But then, if it could be done overnight we wouldn't value the ability nearly as much.

Chris :-)

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