My Observations While Using APB

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My Observations While Using APB

Post by BretM05 » Wed Aug 10, 2005 12:31 am

I thought it might be a good idea to type my observations and feelings about APB, seeing as how not many others have chosen to do this.

My highest rank at the moment is Captain (2nd Class) after 131 waves of aliens. I am still chipping away at the C-pitch. I play APB about 1 hour a day. In my playing, I have had alot of the same expierences that Chris describes on his main page. For example: I am most often blown up when I actually think about whether or not I heard the target pitch. Also, I am blown up quite often when my first reaction is that I DID in fact hear the taget pitch, but then I rethink and decide that I must have imagined it.

In my hours of playing APB I have also noticed that it is much easier for me to determine if the Taget pitch is in the sound if it is NOT a chord. When notes are played in succession, I tend to be able to hear the C alot better. Therefore, making it through the 2nd and 1st class Cadet level proves difficult (Most of the sounds are chords). Making it past the Entire Warrior Class is quite a bit easier because all of the sounds are short melodies, or arpeggiated chords.

Also, I find that when I go from Cadet to Captain all in one sitting, even the 1st class warrior levels seem extremely easy. On the other hand, when I save my game and come back later, I tend to get blown up alot more, and end up getting sent back to the beginning (4th class) cadet level. Im not sure if this is because my brain is not holding what it has learned for long periods of time, or if actually playing through the earlier levels makes the later ones really easy. It would be nice to know if this is happening to anybody else.

On the plus side, I have noticed a great improvement in my pitch listening skills while listening to music. Things that I just let fly past my ears before now jump out at me and sound more defined. I can usually hear C's fly by in slower music, and have been able to pick out chord progressions much easier now. All of this after only 131 waves of aliens.

Speaking of 131 waves of aliens...I have noticed that there are some people on this message board that have done quite a small amount of waves, and are already on the E pitch and farther. If possible, I would like to know if you guys play an instrument, or are long time practicing musicians. I have been playing piano for 2 years now and I feel that reaching a 2nd class captain after 131 waves is a feat, but it would be interesting and informational/helpfull to know how others feel.

I will continue to use APB and write my observations on this message board. I feel that we all need to be doing this. Not only does typing our observations in this board provide a great source of information about the software itself, it would also let us know how others are doing, and what others are feeling. In the long run, it could even help us determine if Mr. Aruffo's new method and software do in fact succeed in the development of AP. And finally, It will also let Chris know what needs to be changed/updated/fixed, and will give Chris new ideas for later software or ad-ons that could help out this entire community greatly.

-Bret M. :D

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