The following happens, April 12, between 9pm and 11pm

Talk about what you've discovered by using ETC-- and post your high ranks!
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The following happens, April 12, between 9pm and 11pm

Post by Leo » Thu Apr 13, 2006 2:48 pm

:o 2 solid weeks of practice with ETC. Progress was a bit low. Blaster is still elusive. With Chord Fall I finally got enough points or something to keep the rodent after the walrace on board after last session. This was encouraging.

The best progress was with interval loader. I was able to step back a bit (went back a level or two, as the umbrella level was to confusing for now). Well sure enough regained my footing and was able to hear the tones properly. I left off at the umbrella. WOO HOO!

The best part of ETC isn't how far I got. It's the fact I want to keep going. I am still as motivated as I was 2 weeks ago.

The point for me isn't seeing how far I can get, bit when I hit a brick wall, having a desire to continue. Hey, let's be honest, this stuff is tough to get, and there will be days where nothing happens.

The goal is to find something that will encourage to keep going...ETC is it!

I think Chris hit the right balance, when I get frustrated with Pitch Blaster, I switch over to Chord Fall and learn 2 more chords, Then switch to interval builder, I may break even, I may not, my point is there is enough here to keep you encouraged

In my opinion what is important isn't how far you got, it's having a resource that helps you not give up.

I used this other course and there was this "HELP ME TAPE" hahahahaha Sorry, hearing someone say over and over "YOU'LL GET IT" got me nothing. It's the long haul. Hey I don't plan to be even clost to fluent in this stuff for at least 3 months if I'm good hahahaha. Seriously it will take time to get good at this. I believe is the right tool for this.

Okay, I have now put my soap box under the sink.


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