Which ones for Relative Pitch?

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Which ones for Relative Pitch?

Post by werewere » Sun Aug 07, 2016 4:09 am


I bought ETC some weeks ago and I'm wondering which of the tools are better for Relative Pitch training (time is always a restriction...). ChordHopper and Absolute Pitch Painter seems more suitable for AP than RP. Also, I found that Chordhopper is meant mainly for children, as we adults won't be able to learn from it correctly, am I right?

So, to develop good RP, would be advisable that I focus on Interval Loader and Absolut Pitch Avenue? If this is the case, is it better to start with one of them (which?) and then move later to another one? Or is it better to use all of them at the same time?


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Re: Which ones for Relative Pitch?

Post by aruffo » Tue Sep 27, 2016 10:01 am

Good heavens. I really need to do something about the spam I'm getting buried in; I apologize for its being so very very long since I noticed this post for approval!

Chordhopper is based on the Eguchi system for teaching perfect pitch. It will not teach you perfect pitch as an adult, but it will make you better able to pick out individual tones in chords.

For good RP, Interval Loader is the tool.

APA will teach you to perceive pitch chroma.

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