chord progressions in APA?

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chord progressions in APA?

Post by Nikolaus » Sat May 22, 2010 1:08 am


I remember reading somewhere that in the later levels APA would obscure the target pitch in various (and musical) chord progressions -- is this the case, and at exactly what level does this become available? Also, what sort of chord progressions, and in what keys -- is it just that if the target pitch is C that all the chord progressions will be in C major/minor? Oh, and what of melodies -- does the program ever require one to hear the target pitch as a 'function' of various melodies in various keys? And finally, is APB still available? 'cause having that would just be splendid. Thanks in advance for whatever answers you guys can provide.


I've still got the first version of APA -- any chance I could get an update?

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