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quick results!

Postby louie » Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:01 am

I recently started ear training again after a two year break - back in school i had a three year ear training course that gave me most of my rp chops! thusly i decided i wanted to develop perfect pitch! i know that it infact can be developed because i had lots of friends with a little bit of PP - for ex. one used to play upright in a school orchestra - he was forced to tune his bass by ear resulting in him being able to sing a G at random or identify it upon hearing! another could identify all the notes only on a violin cause he learned the violin at an early age!

ive been getting my chops back and now im developing my PP! i must say the best results i got was from pitch paths - the concept of memory triggers is so simple yet so effective. i bought the course after i saw the promo video - since i was able to identify all the notes immediately! now even when i play APA- i cant help but identify all the other notes i hear (if they are either C, D, E, F, or G singe i have just started the course) and this truely is a great start i think! i can even sing a C and a D at will! but i think that APA was also a leading factor in this development!

I downloaded the demo and played through it till the end immediately - the first time around it took me sometime - but by the third time around i was able to play through it completely without a pause or mistakes - it just became so easy! thusly i purchased the full version! now im eager to see if the rest of the notes come to me so easily as the first couple and also how far APA can take me! anybody agree that melody triggers are possibly the best way to start out?


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Postby aruffo » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:51 pm

Pitch Paths is good stuff. If you haven't checked out Prolobe, you may want to try that too--!

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