I have a question

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I have a question

Postby pedros » Sat Jun 16, 2012 7:00 am

Hi chris,
I wanted to thank you for all your energies spent, really

but, I have a difficult-to-ask question:

did you at the end reached the absolute pitch?

Really I don't men to be rude, just asking, because I'm too trying at this..

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Postby aruffo » Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:07 am

Nothing rude about it.. I should probably list it as FAQ (and that page really should be updated-- the questions I get now aren't what they used to be). I think I have answered this question a few times anyway, here in the forum and on the main site, but I don't mind repeating myself.

Using APB, and then APA, blasted a giant hole in the myth that learning absolute pitch means learning to hear chroma. I could hear chroma perfectly well, thanks to the new approach that I created (perceptual differentiation)... but without categorical perception, I couldn't identify the chroma.

For the most part, therefore, my results are exactly as anyone else's: when I practice, I can name 3-5 notes successfully-- more than 5 if I use melody triggers-- but not when they're presented real-time in music; and then, when I stop practicing, I lose the "ability."

The difference is A-flat. A-flat seems to have lodged itself in my consciousness. I can usually recognize an A-flat even without practice, (although still not in music) and I can recall it... well, most of the time. Not enough to brag about, but enough to know that there's something different about it. Which is strange, considering that A-flat is the worst-identified tone among natural absolute-pitch possessors.

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