Surfaces and Essences

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Surfaces and Essences

Post by RockofStrength » Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:09 pm

This new book by Hofstadter (of Godel Escher Bach fame) argues that all categorization is essentially analogy.

What analogies can we use for pitch chroma awareness?

Generally it would be smells, colors, textures.

Specifically it would be the same pitch function in different keys for relative pitch. ,

For perfect pitch it might have value to familiarize oneself with the same function in the same key for different songs (eg Sol in the key of Eb- see two links demonstrating identical first notes and functions:, ). That way you could analogize between the two on the exact sound in common, as opposed to just the same relative function in common. But its important to explore the pitch across all its avenues as well.

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