Games for training musical skills for adults

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Games for training musical skills for adults

Post by SunFishSeven » Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:28 am

I'm currently practising on a guitar and singing, and I keep trying to find new exercises that turn everything on its head

one exercise I have started trying since someone mentioning it on the forum the other day is to imagine the pre-sound and then find it with the voice, or imagine it and then find it on instrument. I find it sometimes surprisingly hard to find with the voice

another exercise, my favourite at the moment, is to sing a melody and try to find the baseline. to do this spontaneously would be fantastic! it would be difficult to put into words what this is training. But it is the most valuable game I have found

a harder game is to switch and play the tune while singing the baseline. I'm not ready for this one -- I would like to practice singing the baseline while hearing someone else play the tune. that would be a very good teaching method I think.

another one is to train ability to hold pitch; sing a couple of verses and see how far you have wandered, using a guitar to check.

can anyone suggest or recommend any other games?

I am interested in
- any games I could practice on my own, with the guitar.
- pair work
- any games that would transfer onto the iPhone; although I'm trying hard to reduce the amount of typing keys in my life, due to severe RSI, I don't seem to be managing very well – I'm spending many hours of every day in front of the computer

I notice Fletcher catalogues a lot of games suitable for children, but I think certain games adults will manage better as we learn the patience and trust to do things that don't have an immediate reward response...

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Post by lorelei » Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:29 pm

Maybe try to identify pitches of random sounds?
Try to see how long you can hold a single pitch?
What about singing a melody and spontaneously inventing a harmony in your head?

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