Probably the backstroke

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Probably the backstroke

Post by aruffo » Wed Jul 16, 2008 8:10 am

When I wrote Chordhopper it seemed like a good idea to disallow errors for the first half of the game, and allow infinite errors for the second half-- this, because Eguchi's creed (upon which the game was originally based) was that no child should be able to advance until 100% recognition had been achieved.

However, this meant that ever since I started playing the game, whenever I made an error prior to the game's midpoint, I'd immediately quit and (sometimes) restart. Frustrating, annoying, etc.

So I just now changed it. Now, throughout the entire game, you get to make a maximum of 2 errors with any of the "old" chords-- the chords that are featured during the first half of the game-- and as many errors as you like with the "new" chords.

I'm pleased with the result; it means that when I make one error I become more attentive, and when I make a second error I start listening very carefully.

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