colors for a and b

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colors for a and b

Post by petew83 » Thu Dec 06, 2007 2:37 pm

The new chordhopper addition of the 'pitch dots' highlights the fact that the colors of A (gray) and B (brown) are much weaker than the others in their stimulus impact. I know purple is available, the other one could be pink or something.

Come to think of it the pitch colors are tough for me to remember now that i haven't played APB in a while, but still remember the pitches, which is good because it shows that this color connection is more of a ladder that can be thrown away.

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Post by aruffo » Thu Dec 06, 2007 9:27 pm

Yes.. I'm still not sure that I like having the dots there at all. I put them there to suggest the "shape" of the chord, and nothing more, but my attention keeps getting drawn toward them as though I'm supposed to memorize the colors and their configuration-- which knowledge is completely irrelevant to any aspect of the game.

I think I already know how I intend to change it, though, which is to replace the abstract dots with the mini-tiles currently at the top of the screen. The mini-tiles already light up, at the top of the screen, which originally was meant to fulfill the function that the dots nominally might, but I doubt that anyone ever really even notices the tiles lighting up... and if they did, they're not in any meaningful "shape".

Oh, and yes, purple will replace gray at some point.

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