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Comments and questions about Chordhopper.
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first thoughts

Post by KosciaK » Thu Sep 07, 2006 7:29 am


I still have 10 or more games before first Super Fly so maybe it's to soon to tell but here's some thoughts.

Still I get very confused. My poor brain just don't know what to listen for.

What I like:
- 50 hops limit. It's great! Game last about 2-3 minutes so I can just play a quick game while passing by computer. It's not 15-30minutes of APB (especially in the old versions)
- good balance between fun part and learning part.
- encouraging.

What I dislike:
- Aren't new chords introduced too early? Every 2 meters is 10 hops. As I understand the method it's all about comparing and finding common tones. But when you get fourth chord and it last (before new one comes in) only for about 10-12 hops so it might happen that you will hear the new chord only 4-5 times. And it might not be enough. So there comes confusion instead of fun. In IL you have 50 repetitions before new interval so there's plenty time to get accustomed with new sound.
Maybe making it more logarithmic might be better. So 1 chord - 1 meter, 2 chords - 2 meters, 3 chords - 3 or 4 meters and so on.

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Post by Andi » Thu Sep 07, 2006 8:02 am

As you have to wait 24 rounds (flies) until any new chord is introduced there is plenty of time to get used to the chords. I myself would prefere if there was a bit more of variation in the game. But as I understand it - thats the way the method works!

Here is a little suggestion for an acceleration:
Perhaps it could be possible to earn 2 flies if you don't make any mistake within the 50 hops.


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Post by aruffo » Thu Sep 07, 2006 10:11 am

I currently don't intend to introduce an acceleration. An easy-to-misunderstand aspect of the game is that the point is to know and memorize the chords. It's not. The repetition of the chords is what's important-- in fact, the most effective part of the game is when you already know the chords perfectly well but continue to identify them. I'll explain at greater length on the main page (soon! really!) but that's why acceleration would not be helpful, even when-- especially when-- you already "know" the chords.

The rate of introduction of new chords does not follow the Eguchi method, but it's not arbitrary. She says that new chords should be introduced every two weeks, or when a child reaches 100% identification, whichever comes later-- but obviously no sane person would be willing to play any "game" with only one chord for five minutes, much less two weeks (makes me wonder how the children/students feel raising their one little flag for three sessions a day, seven times a week, two weeks straight). So I started to design the Chordhopper system of advancement as a compromise, but the more I worked on it the more it started to make sense this way.

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Post by KosciaK » Fri Sep 08, 2006 12:05 pm

Played the Super Fly and just forget about complaints in the first post in this thread. Now I see how this is working and it's cool!

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