Chordhopper replaces Chordfall?

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Chordhopper replaces Chordfall?

Post by werewere » Sun Feb 17, 2019 5:52 pm

Hi Chris, I've read in the ETC faq that your "relative pitch skills increased from zero to the point where I was able to transcribe an audition piece into easy piano got vey good relative pitch thanks to Interval Loader and Chordfall". But Chordfall has been removed, although I think that it has been superseded by Chordhopper.

Also, I read in the Phase 13 research that : "Since the only ear training I have ever done is with the Ear Training Companion, I have to conclude that Interval Loader and Absolute Pitch Blaster are what changed my ability to perceive-- and changed my unconscious strategy for recognizing-- these chords."

So, as I'm not interested in absolute pitch, but I'm very interested in fast recognizing the chords and intervals to be able to transcribe a melody that I listen, should I play Absolute Pitch Avenue also? I mean, I know that I must play Interval Loader, but I'm not sure what other game should I play to be able to better identify one chord or another. As the time to play is limited, I'd like to focus on the most interesting games for my specific case.

So, my questions:
1) Is Chordhopper the replacement for Chordfall?
2) If I want to be able to transcribe what I listen (both melody and chords) to musical notation, what would be the suggested games to play and what would be their order of importance?

I guess that the answer to 2) is Interval Loader, then Chordhopper, then Absolute Pitch Avenue. But I'm not sure about the last one or if this would be the order. Please advice.


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Re: Chordhopper replaces Chordfall?

Post by aruffo » Mon Feb 18, 2019 5:22 am

Chordhopper is indeed the replacement for Chordfall. The value of Chordhopper and Absolute Pitch Avenue, together, is that they increase your ability to pick out individual pitches within tonal masses. That is: Chordhopper helps you to pick out the pitches in a chord, and Absolute Pitch Avenue teaches you to zero in on a particular pitch sound.

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