Double note game's objective?

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Double note game's objective?

Postby aboynamedchris » Sat Feb 07, 2009 4:51 pm

Hey there, i just started training with the double note game. I'm curious to know, should i focus on identifying the interval between the 2 notes played?. eg. between a P4-P5 the interval would be Ma2.

Or should i identify each interval separately from its reference point?

If the two notes played were a tritone and major 3rd, then i identify the interval in between out of habit (which is a Ma 2nd btw). But i still don't know that the 2 notes played were a tritone and Ma 3rd. I would have to identify those by referring them to the root note played in the chord progression which is lost when i hear the two notes in the box. By referring these to notes to a root note means i'm relying on distance judgment therefore im not listening harmonically i assume.

Any help please? :(

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