Solfege, fixed vs. moveable 'DO', from a jazz perspective

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Solfege, fixed vs. moveable 'DO', from a jazz perspective

Postby Daniel » Fri Aug 31, 2007 1:57 pm

Ok, so I've seen a lot of debate on the internet between music teachers about fixed versus moveable DO. There's a lot of "why bother" and "why not just use note names," etc.

In the interest of avoiding a debate on the relevance of the question, first let me say that solfege permits singing of the notes and an obvious problem arises from the limited number of useful syllables to sing. Second, relation to musical key of the moment makes moveable DO particularly relevant to jazz. Singing a different syllable for enharmonic equivalents such as lydian's sharp 11 versus flat 5, an altered scale's sharp 9 versus minor 3, or major 6 versus diminished 7 may or may not be worth the effort.

Next, I'm looking for responses from people that have actually used the solfege "scaffolding" to buttress their jazz aural skills, as opposed to a hypothetical discussion. Anybody used both systems? Anybody use a method to name pitches that eliminates the conflict between the two systems?

Thanks in advance!!!

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