Use multiple instruments or just piano?

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Use multiple instruments or just piano?

Post by werewere » Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:08 pm

Hi, I'm using Interval Loader with random instruments (all of them) and I'd like to know if this is the right approach to get the "deepest" results in the long run or if its better to start only with piano. I know that starting only with piano, as Aruffo said in another post:

"You learned the sound of "interval + piano timbre"; when you hit that Level 12 wall, you are hearing "interval + ?" which is initially confusing, but gradually you'll get used to the new timbres because you'll start locking on to the interval sound"

So it seems better to use random instruments from the beginning instead of only piano. But then, I found another post from Aruffo saying that : "one of the women in the Percepts and Concepts lab did an experiment showing that children learned to recognize objects faster if they were first trained to recognize its silhouette (its "contour"). "

That seems to contradict the first statement; reading that, seems better to first learn piano only and then random instruments

So, my question is:

1) To achieve the best results is it better to start with random instruments or first start with piano, and after achieving level 12 start with random instruments? (let's say that we're not going to quit because we're bored or whatever)

2) Also another question, i already posted it but the message didn't appeared so may be something went wrong: Which is the best way to learn Relative Pitch with the ETC tools? First using Interval Loader, then Absolute Pitch Avenue, or use it at the same time, sharing the daily available time? Or starting with ChordHopper, or..?


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Re: Use multiple instruments or just piano?

Post by aruffo » Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:33 pm

(I apologize for the long delay in approving your post—the to-be-approved list is currently swimming in spam, and I'm at a bit of a loss at present on how to turn that around.)

Using piano only will provide faster results. Using multiple instruments will provide more thorough results.

There's no "best way" yet established for using the tools; it's mainly whichever you feel is the most helpful to you (and the most interesting game) at the time you feel like training.

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